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 Shinobi Legends

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Shinobi Legends Sl21011

100 years have passed since the 4th Shinobi War creating an era of chaos and confusion. During the battle between Tobi and Naruto both were struck down, though with his last ounce of strength Tobi managed to unseal the Nine-Tails from within his foe. Upon his release the angered Kyuubi destroyed the statue sealing the other Bijuu. With this came the wrath of the newly freed Tailed Beast, who began destroing those who had enslaved them. Now all but the 5 Great Nations and the Land of Iron exist. For years the Bijuu have roamed free, some being caught and sealed by each of the villages. Once again, conflict has arisen in the search for these Tailed Beasts and tensions are high between Nations. It will be up to the future leaders of the 5 Great Nations to determine what happens next. Rumors have also been spreading about the reformation of the Akatsuki under new guidance.

Is the Akatsuki really back? Will the villages come together to work things out once again? Will war or peace reign? The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

What to look for

During this site you can look forward to many things such as:

- Great Roleplay
- Great Battles
- Amazing Character Customization
- Great Staff Members
- And Much, Much More!

Now go and have fun!

Shinobi Legends Naruto
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Shinobi Legends
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