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 Shinobi Rank's (Joining a Clan)

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PostSubject: Shinobi Rank's (Joining a Clan)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:53 pm

Shinobi ranking is used to categorize an individual within ones clan. Although the names of ranks and titles may vary from clan to clan. They can all still be broken down into the following category's (see Shinobi Rank's listed below).

Shinobi Rank's
Medical Team
Black Ops
Clan Leader

Sensor (Stays back and scans the areas for enemies)
Assassins: (Basicly the anbu and are some of the strongest warriors. They attack during the night and require a very long and detailed rp sample/history. Same with General, Clan leader, and Sensor)

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Shinobi Rank's (Joining a Clan)
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