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 Mikami Senju

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Basic Information
Name: Mikami Senju
Nickname: The toymaker
Age: 28
Height/Weight: 6'11"
Blood Type: O

Critical Character information
Clan: Senju
Rank: Clan leader
Personality: Mikami’s personality is very….Odd. His emotions are always mixed and twisted because of his messed up childhood and growing up. Sometimes he is a normal average person who will sometimes help out when needed. But some other times; he is a bloodthirsty beast who will kill anything in his way. Friend or foe. This has caused Mikami to get a mixed reputation among the clan. They all know of his brutal murder of the former 2nd in command of the senju and the guards that were there which caused some to avoid him but he is also known for helping out the privates and recruits of the clan. Training them and giving them tips for battles. Which has given him an okay reputation. This doesn’t bother him though, as he could care less what these people think about him.

He also is very cold and dark when it comes to murder, rape, violence etc. and hates talking about it. He is already ashamed enough about the things he has done already. All the people he has slaughtered. He waves away any question from Privates and students asking what it feels like getting stabbed or killing someone, as these subjects bring up very painful memories of Mikami’s life. He also hates seeing people brag about their kills or killstreaks. Often exploding on them with lectures and many unsatisfying comments.

History: Mikami's life is a very painful subject for him. As his parents were abusive and only accepted succses from their child Mikami was beaten many times. Causing him to gain an evil second personality that makes him lose all sense of people around him and makes him go into a bloodthirsty rage. The rest of his life Mikami has never shared with anyone. And those who do know about it are sword to never tell anyone or they will be assassinated and wiped from the face of the earth. No trace left.

Nature type/Jutsu information
Wood release: Completed
Yang: Completed
Fuuinjutsu: Completed
Medical Ninjutsu: Completed
Nature Type:
Earth Release: Mastered
Water release: Completed
Summoning contract: Dragons
Known Jutsu: All earth, Water, Wood, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, And Dragon techniques
Custom Jutsu: N/A
Weapon(s)/Ninja Tool's: 1 Katana, 25 Kunai, 25 Shuriken, And a giant scroll for summoning and sealing.
Win/Lose: N/A

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Mikami Senju
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