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 Senju's awesomeness

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PostSubject: Senju's awesomeness    Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:58 am

(Hokage-Shiki Jijun Jutsu — Kakuan Nitten Suishu)- Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Enclosed Hermitage Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands
Rank: S Rank
Class: Supplementary 
Range: Short
Hand-seals: Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram → Monkey → Tiger
Description:  This technique utilises the power of the Wood Release to forcibly suppress a tailed beast's chakra. The user would produce the seal 座 on their palm, and then by touching the tailed beast's chakra with their hand, the user then suppresses the chakra inside an area lined with ten or eleven wooden pillars.

(Mokuton: Kajoukai korin)- Wood release: Advent of a world flowering trees
Rank: S Rank   
Class: Supplementary, offense
Range: Short-long
Hand-seals: Serpent 
Description:  Taking advantage of the innate properties of Wood Release — to be able to force trees to grow on any surface in an instant — the user creates a dense forest of flowering trees. The pollen produced by these flowers is then released into the atmosphere and when inhaled, renders any afflicted target unconscious.

(Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan)- Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
Rank: A Rank   
Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short-long
Hand-seals: Tiger → Snake
 Description:  The user forces trees to grow on any surface, easily creating a dense forest anywhere they choose. A small plant can grow into a forest in an instant.[2] By generating chakra, the user manoeuvres it as they see fit for attack and defence; and furthermore, this omnipotent technique even allows them to capture the enemy at the same time. With their tremendous life force, the trees can pierce through earthen walls, and extend their branches at their prey in an instant. 

(Mokuton: Jukai Kōtan)- Wood release: Navity of a sea trees
Rank: B Rank   
Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short-Mid
Hand-seals:  Snake
 Description:After forming the necessary seals, the user is able to turn an area into a vast forest in a matter of mere moments complete with trees and even grass growing out of any terrain he is on.

(Moku Bunshin no Jutsu)-  Wood clone technique 
Rank: B Rank   
Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short
Hand-seals:  Snake
 Description:A clone that is created by altering the user's own cells with chakra. It has more endurance than the normal shadow clones and doesn't disappear when hit by the enemies' attacks. Moreover, since it has the ability to merge with plants and trees, it is also great for reconnaissance missions.They have the ability to travel far from the user and are able to communicate with the original. The clones can be as simple in function as a wooden dummy for use in the Body Replacement Technique.The basic concept of the Shadow Clone Technique also applies to the Wood Clone Technique. However, the chakra-composed shadow clone and the cell-based wood clone are completely distinct techniques. By directly touching the wood clone with his hand, the user can absorb the information it gathered and change the shape of the clone. Unlike the Shadow Clone Technique the clone made of this technique doesn't disappear when it's hit and even appears to take the damage the same way the original body would take it, making it far more useful for deception than the Shadow Clone Technique. 

( Taju Moku Bunshin no Jutsu)-  Multi Wood clone technique 
Rank: S Rank   
Class: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short
Hand-seals:  Snake
 Description: This technique is essentially a mass version of the Wood Clone Technique wherein the user forms the clone-oriented hand seal and then, using the pre-existing vegetation in the immediate vicinity as a medium, creates a large number of wood clones.
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Senju's awesomeness
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