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 Mikami's scroll

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PostSubject: Mikami's scroll   Fri Aug 10, 2012 10:09 am

Name: Forbidden Senju Technique: Armor of the death goddess
Rank: S
Class: Med Ninjutsu
Range: Short
Hand-seals: 0
Description: The user pulls out a small vile that holds a very special and rare microorganism, created by Mikami Senju. After pulling out the vile they uncap it and using Med ninjutsu control the microorganism and through any slight cut or scrape the user has, the user slides it in. Infecting the opponent with one of the worst viruses known. This virus doesn't make the user sick or weak but it does make them stronger for a time. It slowly goes through the arms, causing a weird grey bone like structure to form around them one arm at a time. Then it spreads to the chest. Then the legs. Then the head. And then ultimatley the face. Blocking off all breathing and becoming too heavy for the user to even move. This armor can not be taken off and regenerates in seconds after being taken off. It takes 4 years for the armor to fully consume you. This may only be used ONCE though and the user can choose weather to use a little or the whole thing.

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Mikami's scroll
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