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 MOTS Global rules

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PostSubject: MOTS Global rules   MOTS Global rules EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 5:29 pm

Rule #1.) Respect your fellow members and the members of the staff.
This is nothing drastic or overly demanding, I think, because every community relies on the balanced relationships between the administration/moderation and the members of the community both new and veteran. By the members respecting the staff, the staff can do their job without 'fighting' them on every decision.

Rule #2.) No posting of illegal content such as malware, spyware, spam, or otherwise illicit content.
This is of grave importance to myself and the rest of the staff. We respect the community as much as the next individual and the individuals that make up the community, but when certain individuals try to post illegal content that violates our terms of service then we will not wait to take action and punish appropriately.

Rule #3: Please do not flame or troll within this community.
Flaming and trolling are becoming two very large problems in online communities today as intentions and thoughts may be mistaken for their true meanings. We ask that all users PLEASE be courteous and nice to your fellow users. This doesn't mean that you have to hold hands with them and sing camp songs. It simply means that if you and another user disagree on something, take it somewhere else. This doesn't mean to PM!

If you are caught flaming, you will be warned. The second time you will be warned, and given a PM stating that you have one more chance to stop. Following actions depend on your own. So make the right choice, and be nice!

Rule #4: Use the search button.
Please use the search feature on the forum before creating a new topic. The topic you're wishing to create may already have been created. If their is already a topic but it is weeks or months old, contact the staff about creating a new one.

Rule #5: This site does have an R rating. Which means nearly everything is allowed. Sex, Alcahol, swearing and drugs are allowed. Only IC though and no pictures or you will be perma banned and account deleted. Along with your ip adress banned.

These can and will be changed by a staff member when needed.
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MOTS Global rules
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