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 Battle Rules

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These are the rules you must abide by in order to RP. You must first have an approved biography in order to battle. Then you must be apart of clan to participate on war. By participating in a battle you have agreed that you have read these rules.

-Only three jutsu per turn
-You have to describe your move and be realistic(Narutoverse wise), like you fall from 150m in the sky and live =|
-You can only have two clones out at a time
-In order to break free from genjutsu, you must identify your in a gen and you can't say "I learned that tech so I know it's jutsu" since there are variants.
-Sharingan can identify and break free from any genjutsu
-You can't say "it's a clone you killed" and not show its a clone
-If your spar is "unofficial" then if a bio dies, it won't go to the dead bio section
-Body flicker may not be used in battle
-Subs can only be used once per battle since you can escape death
-You can only be in one fight at a time

War Rules
-An ally can jump in the battle and aid their clan member. There is a total of 2 v 2members.
-During a 2 v 2, the person gets full control over the allies bio, meaning they get to use customs and jutsu and whatnot. However , they are still limited to 3 moves per turn.
-A winner of a war is decided whenever the clan leader dies/everyone on the opposite team dies/Clan leaders admit defeat
-Whenever a clan wins 5 wars, the clan leader and 4 others who did well will get war prizes such as the ability to submit a CE or Kin permission etc.
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Battle Rules
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