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 Custom clans

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PostSubject: Custom clans   Custom clans EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 2:40 pm

Custom clan submission

Custom clans Senju_clan
This Is where you can submit your very own custom clan.

Different ranks that you can be appointed by your clan leader. [/center]

  • Clan leader- The head of the clan. He trains the first wave of shinobi. He is in charge of the entire clan and gets final say. He appoints the ranks and teams and can be kicked from position, challenged for the position or drop the position altogether. There can only be 1 Clan leader
  • General -In charge of the clan's army and warfare (Managing battle strategies and coordination during wartime)Reports directly to the clan leader, and is the stand in for the Clan leader on certain occasions.There can only be 1 
  • Commander -In charge of the platoons of men in the army. Leads them into battle and is the on site battle coordinator when no strategy has been sent by the general. There can be a total of 5
  • Private -Just a regular shinobi. Skill level varies. The numbers are unlimited
  • Recruit -Just joined the clan still needs training and hasn't proved himself yet within the clan. Unlimited
  • Civilian- Non combat type. Unlimited

  1. The user must be of Clan leader rank to submit a custom clan(Duh) 
  2. Any spam in this thread will result in a 3 day ban and will cause the user to not be allowed to submit any customs for 1 month
  3. When submitting a custom clan, you may use your approved CE as a KG or make a custom ability 
  4. use the correct template and make sure that this clan can actually be used in the narutoverse. I.e no Dojutsu that controls matter at will 
  5. All Staff have the final say on every custom clan and jutsu that is submitted. DO NOT ARGUE
  6. You may only have 1 custom clan
  7. You many only have 25 techniques for you Custom clan
  8. Once your CC is approved, quite the post of approval and add the techniques.
  9. If your going to make a KG, this counts towards your CE limit
  10. If your character dies, you can make another character that's in the CE
  11. All CC techniques must be counter able 
  12. You may make hidden abilities like the hozuki or akimichi
  13. The submissions must be worthy of a CC
  14. Do not submit fighting styles here
  15. You must train people in your clans
  16. If a submission is declined, you must wait 2 weeks before resubmitting
  17. Use the Custom jutsu template when submitting jutsu
  18. By submitting a CC you agree to the above
  19. Breaking a rule will result in a ban from any custom thread
  20. If your acc gets banned, your submissions will be auto-declined. 

Give a English and japenese name to the thread

Background info:
Give a history for the clan

Name the KG or Clan ability here, explain how it works, why it's possible and strength and weaknesses

Affects and Restrictions:
Restrict your custom clan

Background info:
Affects and Restrictions: 
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Custom clans
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